ADS-B Project


ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) is the mechanism by which aircraft broadcast their location and other information, primarily for air traffic control purposes. My ADS-B project combines a USB ADS-B receiver, a home-made antenna, a wireless router, C++ source code, HTML, KML and OpenLayers to provide a live view of current air traffic overlaid on a map.

Car PC Project

Car PC

My in-car entertainment system, based around an old netbook running Linux, integrates GPS, digital radio, MP3 library, CAN bus communications, and steering wheel controls.

Printable TV Guide

Printable TV Guide

We like having a printed TV guide in our house. When The Weekend Australian stopped publishing a week long TV guide, my only two options seemed to be to subscribe to one of our crappy local papers, or to print my own. I wrote some software to grab the TV guide data from OzTiVo and convert it into a nice PDF format.

Aerial Photo

Aerial Photograph

Amidst the annoyance of losing access to Nearmap, I was excited to find that our local council has aerial photos going back to the 1950s. A big aerial photo of our aerial would look great on our dining room wall, so I wrote some code to download lots of tiled images and stitch them together into a 78 megapixel image. This is a work in progress - I still need to get it printed and framed. I might even frame it myself with some recycled jarrah.

OpenWRT Project


Our home network is centred around a D-Link DIR-320 wireless router running a customised OpenWRT firmware. The router shares a 32G USB memory stick via NFS, and hosts the USB ADS-B receiver.