Some things that I've done.

Vectorised Photography

High detail level

These are examples of photographs I've taken, converted to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format using primitive. The use of vector graphics means that they can be rescaled to any size without becoming pixelated.

These examples use a high level of detail (so will be somewhat meaningless on a small screen). Each image is represented using thousands of graphics primitives.

See also low level of detail images.


New Holland Honeyeater
Rendered with 3000 ellipses, 26kB
New Holland Honeyeater


Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Rendered with 5000 bezier curves, 125kB
Elizabeth Quay


Moeraki Boulders
Rendered with 4000 circles, 31kB
Moeraki Boulders


Sydney Skyline
Rendered with 3000 rectangles, 29kB
Sydney Skyline